You Get the Job… If I like You!

Your resume only has 10 Seconds..

What happens next if you’re qualified…

I wrote this in response to Compliancex-Blog [above] concerning this subject, and thought it only fair to display another opinion about this topic…

The difference between me, and everyone else applying for a job is, I don’t have to spend that much time “tweaking” my resume to match the requirement.

I already have a highly-adaptable skillset that most people would kill for – As an English Major I have a command of language and ease of writing, typing is just the icing on the cake!  I’ve done well to have kept myself employed, as both a consultant and a temp… Until now.

My prior technology skills, work experience, and solid financial background garner me interviews… countless interviews. So what am I doing wrong? Nothing. Am I personable? Yes. Otherwise, how did I convince all those other people to [like] me enough to hire “me” before? Your resume just gets your foot in the door.

People have to “like” you and, “want to” work with You! Suddenly, with all this work experience I’m “over-qualified” a term I never thought I’d hear in my Career!  I learnt, early on, that a job interview is 50% personality, 30% likability and just 20% resume!  That’s right, 20% in 10 seconds.

I make sure every resume speaks to the requirement – That top ¼ to ½ of the first page must say, “What do you bring to the table that I’m looking for”

And yes, there is a trick. If you have “escalated” and the job says “mitigated” you have to change it to what [they] say, you can’t assume they’ll translate [your] resume to qualify for what [they] want.

I get it. Today’s job market truly is, a Word Game! The more words that correspond to their job, the more likely you will get called for an interview.

Case in point:
I recently re-did a resume for a woman who had both Medical Billing and Financial Administrative work experience on her resume.  I created two separate “focused” resumes.  While I utilized some sentences from her work history and I tailored [each] to the respective job market.

A few weeks later, I asked her for some feedback and critique.  She said, after months of trying and trying and submitting her resume, she never got an interview – until now, and was thankful for the referral to have me do her resume in a professional manner for only $50 – not the $150 for the same quality resume that would adequately reflect her work experience without fudging the facts.

She believed each resume represented “exactly” what she was looking for in a job, and is hopeful for landing her next position. I’ve never lied on my resume, or on anyone else’s.

I think there is a writing sophistication HR recruiters are looking for that “Flag” you as interview material – Not your work history!

So what’s my excuse?
I have gone on more than 20 face-to-face interviews and countless telephone screens… My problem is, with the precariousness of the job market, nobody wants to hire someone “truly” qualified that may pose a threat to their position, despite when I say [and insist] that I only want to be part of the “team” and can contribute my knowledge and experience to the project.

They can’t “not” say I’m not qualified because they’ll have to say why?

I hav been “excused” out of jobs before.  Like this:  We like her skills but we’re looking at another position for her instead…But tell her that, if she get’s another job offer… take the job offer, don’t wait for us.

In other words, we know you’ll qualify for (something) else… WE don’t want you here because you (also) qualify to be here too… and where “might” that leave me.

This is truly the New job market. And now there’s a new problem.
Guest workers that have infiltrated Corporate America in key positions where they can “choose” who they want to work with. If their fellow Outsourced Indian is on a H1B Visa that is contingent upon their remaining in this country as long as they’re employed, they will get the position before a U.S. Citizen.

Too much detail to go into here, but I have witnessed the subtle dismissal of American discrimination first-hand, along with tailored resumes they write for each other [fudging] the facts to get the position, then get to ‘learn’ on the job. They coach and mentor one another [My eBook discusses in detail the displacement of the American workforce in favor for foreigners, reducing us to poor].

In closing, between outsourcing and temporary agencies going out of business, I can’t make a living typing unless I market myself using the one other skill that got me where I am – and that’s writing.

I like the Good Old Days, when Managers hired Employees based upon “Capability” not “Likability”
At the end of the day, you get the job…. only If I like you!

Paula Thomas – is a freelance Business Analyst Writer and Consultant Looking to continue Consulting for the Financial IT Marketplace


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